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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 - Urdu Dubbing

After saving Shahzade Numan, Shahzade Yigit and Halime Hatun, Ertuğrul puts the Kayı in a series of problems with the Templars and a powerful Seljuk man, Karatoygar. A problem also arises with Kurdoğlu, who is betrays Ertuğrul and Suleyman Shah, his blood brother and also father of Ertuğrul and Bey of the Kayı. They attempt to migrate to Aleppo however are stopped by Tariq, a traitor working for the Templars. Ertuğrul kills him and successfully convinces the Emir of Aleppo to see the truth. Finally settled in Aleppo, Suleyman Shah orders the Kayı to siege the Templar castle. They succeed and the Kayı rejoice with the marriage of Turgut Alp and Aykiz. Soon after, Ertuğrul also marries with Halime. The Kayı migrate to the Seljuk-Mongol borders in Anatolia, following the will of Suleyman Shah before he died.

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Kurulus Osman Great Seljuks Jalaluddin Khawarzam

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